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Chocolate Ice Cream Scoop

Eats N Sweets



Taste of the Pocono Mountains!

When Lorelle (owner-operator) was in high school, her first-ever job, along with her long-time best friend, Leah, was at Eats 'N Sweets


On a hot summer day back in ’95, Erik, Lorelle’s husband, & business partner, was visiting a childhood friend when he was first introduced to Lorelle at Eats 'N Sweets that summer afternoon. Erik asked Lorelle for a medium Butter Pecan ice cream on a waffle cone and if he could see her again. Many years & two children later, the couple proudly owns and operates this  Iconic Pocono Institution



Simply Delicious!

Eats 'N Sweets is one of those businesses well-known by sight, if not by name. We offer a family-friendly eating experience serving up simply delicious ice cream & more to our local community and visitors alike since first opening its doors in 1984.  


Glenn & Damaris Ryerson, the establishment's original owners, blended a childhood memory with the desire for a particular lifestyle to create Eats 'N Sweets. Now owned by the Battle family, we continue to honor & keep Ryerson's dream alive! 

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